"Cherisse not only has the ability to pass on her extraordinary amount of experience to me as a student, but also has the natural ability to inspire, educate and have fun whilst doing it. I always find it an absolute pleasure to come away feeling like I have learnt something new every session and can feel my playing improving each time. A true professional, teaching in a professional and friendly atmosphere and with the right tools to maximise productivity during lessons. A star!"




"I have learnt more in 4 Skype lessons with Cherisse than in a whole year with a local teacher. Absolute pleasure being taught by someone of this calibre, experience and patience. Highly recommended!!! "




"I’ve known Cherisse for a few years as a friend and always known she is a top touring musician. So when I was thinking of recommending a drum tutor I of course thought first of her. Additionally, as the drummer in mind was female I felt her approach would be better tailored too. Cherisse’s personal attitude helps break down the formal teacher/student relationship and makes for a more organic and inspiring session every time."




"I have really enjoyed my lessons with Cherisse as it has been more like learning from a friend and hasn't felt overwhelming or intense. She makes the lessons fun and inspirational, and it's not just based on playing drums but listening to music and other drummers and learning from different areas of music.
As a female drummer trying to boost myself into the music industry; it has been great to get advice and learn from another female drummer as we generally work a little different to men. Her experience in the industry has really been a great guide to what I need to build on too. Things like; warming up before a show, recording myself play, wearing the right ear protection, different ways of hitting the drums to create a louder or softer sound, working the kit like a mixing desk etc etc..
My lessons are more industry based and building up on the skills I already have; she has really given me more confidence, skills and advice which I can use in my personal practise and band work.

Thank you Cherisse"




"Cherisse is a natural teacher and inspires you to learn. She knows exactly how to tailor make a lesson to your ability and music taste, and avoids getting bogged down with theory. We got straight into playing and covered a lot in a very short space of time. By far one of the best teachers I've ever had, you'll always be excited for your next lesson with her - it's just a pity there is only one Cherisse!"




"It's amazing to be able to have lessons from Cherisse as she is an incredible inspiration as a fellow female drummer. It's great to be able to watch and learn from her technique & style, and to be able to discuss working in the music industry. I learnt so much from our first lesson together and look forward to having more lessons in the future' :-)"




"Cherisse was recommended by a friend of mine.
Polly has been playing the drums for 18 months and had a 2 hour lesson with Cherisse in August 2015.
We live in Kent and are unable to see Cherisse for regular lessons.
Polly had a instant rapport with Cherisse and Polly was very at ease with her.
Polly enjoyed her lesson and learnt new drum techniques and melodies.
Then Cherisse and Polly performed a rendition and showed me her new drum techniques. It was excellent!
Polly would like to see Cherisse again but due to due to school commitments and distance we are unable to see her at regular intervals.
However we will be making another appointment in the not so distant future.
Lucy Bailey (mother of Polly Bailey)"



"Cherisse is a wonderful drum tutor and one that I would recommend to anybody, no matter their level or experience. She is a bubbly person, great at listening and makes her lessons fun and enjoyable. Both playing and general life in music, Cherisse has an answer. Her lesson plans and homework are well structured and really planned to you as an individual. I look forward to all my drum lessons and can always see an improvement in my playing after seeing her. Her knowledge and experience is an admirable quality and a drummer that I aspire to within in my career :)"




"I find drum lessons with Cherisse very fun and entertaining. Cherisse is laid back, easy to work with and a great teacher especially when teaching me skills and techniques to improve my drumming and coordination."




"Lessons with Cherisse are as informative as they are fun. She quickly understands where you are at ability wise and has a talent at tailoring the lesson to your needs. She is motivational and encouraging whilst paying meticulous attention to detail. A lovely lady and an inspiring teacher; I can't recommend highly Cherisse highly enough."



"I've had the pleasure of taking lessons with Cherisse for around half a year now. From the go Cherisse catered to my personal goals and aspirations as a drummer by discussing what I want to achieve. She creates a personal lesson and practice plan for each student to help develop each pupil individually to their own style. I find her lessons fun and refreshing and her positive attitude always leaves me coming away feeling inspired to work harder. I've never had a teacher that is as excited about my drumming as I am"




"I've loved my lessons with Cherisse, she's taught me things that no other drum teacher has ever mentioned about stick grip and drum kit positioning that made such a big difference to my playing. The lessons are always well structured and she gives you plenty of exercises to keep you busy and progressing! Definitely the best drum teacher I've found."